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About us

Just, Incredible.

We believe that the production of quality olive oil is a real art, therefore, the attitude to all stages requires a careful and thoughtful approach. Our production has absorbed both the centuries-old traditional approach and the most modern, sometimes unique developments that exist in the world at the moment. We have a well-coordinated team of professionals with many years of experience in this field.

The approach we have taken to achieve excellent quality olive oil is paying off. Our oil was appreciated by world-renowned gurus - the company Mario Salinos. In addition, our oil has deservedly won medals at compoetitions in New York, Berlin, London and Japan.

We have a clear goal - to produce the most delicious, beautiful and unforgettable olive oil in the world.

Our benefits

Simply the best

Thanks to the ideal natural conditions for olives, Greek olive oil has an unrivaled taste and chemical composition that is optimal for taste and health.



Agriston Classic Bottle

Agriston Classic 500 ml

Has a mild, balanced taste and a pleasant aroma of freshness. Combines harmoniously with virtually all dishes on your table.

Classic Aroma Scheme

Aroma analysis Megaritiki, Chalkidiki olives

Our Classic line has a pleasing herbaceous flavor with aromas of flowers, herbs, almonds and a hint of pepper.



Agriston Argilos Bottle

Agriston Argilos 500 ml

Has a rich taste and a slightly tart aroma. It goes well with fish and meat dishes, emphasizing their taste.

Argilos Aroma Scheme

Aroma analysis Megaritiki, Chalkidiki olives

Our Argilos line has a pleasing herbaceous flavor with aromas of freshly cut grass, herbs, tomato, flowers and nuts.



Agriston Premium Bottle

Agriston Premium 500 ml

The standard of taste and aroma for true gourmets. It will reveal its qualities in all its glory in salads and pasta.

Premium Aroma Scheme

Aroma analysis Chalkidiki olives

Our Premium line has a pleasing herbaceous flavor with aromas of artichokes, tomato leaves, freshly cut grass and a hint of pepper.

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Weinberghoehe 15, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
Plant number in Greece: EL40725
Contact us via Phone : +41 41 588 1839 or Email : info@agriston.com

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